Saiyed Ali Mira Datar Rahmatullah Alaih

The Hazrat Saiyed Ali Mira Datar Dargah on the outskirts of Ahmedabad city is the home to the occult, to as many Hindus and Sikhs as to Muslims who came to this pious shrine to rid their souls of evil spirits. The atmosphere is heavy and intimidating with the crescendo of mercy pleas of the possessed ones ( Hajris ) in which some of them have swirling heads and some of them are chained to the pillars. Besides these, there are other devotees also who has a staunch belief that Hazrat Saiyed Ali Mira Datar has the all cure for their sufferings and problems.

Like people's unwavering belief in this dargah, its history also has special significance. A Hindu poet named Shah Surath named Hazrat Saiyed Ali as Mira Datar. The word Mira means the brave one who loves the human race and Datar (or Daata) means giver or bestower. Since then, Hazrat Saiyed Ali Mira is known as Datar.

The Hazrat Saiyed Ali Mira Datar Dargah is in Unava village. This village is located near Unjha, in Mehsana district of Gujarat, India (on SH41: Mehsana-Palanpur). This village is about 40 km from Palanpur if visitor is coming via Rajasthan and 90 km from Ahmedabad if visitors are coming via Maharashtra route. It has a large population of both Hindus and Muslim Communities and it got its fame from Hazrat Saiyed Ali Mira Datar Dargah.

Millions of devotees and followers every year across the world visit Hazrat Saiyed Ali Mira Datar Dargah. Having firm belief that this Holy Shrine is the final destination to all the victims suffering from black magic, unknown mysterious diseases, incurable physical and psychiatric problems. Any first time visitor surprises to see hundreds of psychiatric patients doing strange activities. This happens because of the pious and divine force of Hazrat Saiyed Ali Mira Datar, whose glittering spiritual lightening (Noor) has power to destroy all types of witchcraft and demonic forces.

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