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Jo amir hai wo bhi rota hai,
Jo garib hai wo bhi rota hai,
Bas jo tere karib hai
Ya Hazrat Mira Saiyed Ali Datar Bapu
Wo hi chain ki neend sota hai
Ya Datar Haq Datar

Sakhawat ke dhani mere Hazoor Waliyon Ke Wali Hai

Shahenshah-E-Gujarat Hazrat Saiyad Ali Mira Datar Dargah a.k.a Unava Sharif shrine is just nearly 5.5 Kms (5-10 mins) away from Unjha Station, District - Mehsana, 384160 Gujarat, 19 Kms from Mehasana Airport and 92 Kms from Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel International Airport. Local taxis, autos and three wheelers are also available for reaching to dargah.

Jo Dava Me Asar Nahi Wo Mere Mira Datar Sarkar Ke Noor Me Hai

The Hazrat Saiyed Ali Mira Datar Dargah on the outskirts of Ahmedabad city is the home to the occult, to as many Hindus and Sikhs as to Muslims who came to this pious shrine to rid their souls of evil spirits.

Medicine takes a leap of faith at Gujarat’s Mira Datar Dargah. Every year millions of pilgrims and followers across the globe visits Hazrat Saiyed Ali Mira Datar shrine with the firm belief that Sarkar pious and divine force ( Noor ) has power to heal any incurable disease and destroy all types of witchcraft and demonic forces.

Do visit the Holy Shrine for the Noorani Shifa!

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